Embarrassing First-Time Mom Stories

Read these stories if you need a laugh! Or if you need encouragement that you're not the only mom out there who messes up...

Let’s be honest. Even with the best advice and help from other pro moms, all of us first-time moms are still trying to figure it out as we go. Some things we just can’t foresee, so we don’t know how to react when they happen. This results in some pretty funny and embarrassing situations.

Because we all need a laugh, here’s a list I’ve gathered from other moms of funny/embarrassing moments they’ve had as first-time moms.

But first, here’s a story from me.

When we first started taking our newborn son to church, we had everyone wash their hands before they could hold him. It was winter and we didn’t want our son to catch any type of sickness. When my husband was going to hand him off to a woman, I practically grabbed our son before she could touch him and told her that if she wanted to hold him, she needed to wash her hands. I think I scared her, so she never held him… and she has barely even touched him now, over a year later. I laugh about it now, but I’m also embarrassed because I overreacted!

Embarrassing First-Time Mom Stories - Hilarious

Now here are some great stories from other moms!

I took my first to the doctor for what I thought was a rash on the side of her head. It was a red imprint from the mesh siding on the baby swing.
-Stephanie K.

We always sat in the back pew so that if the kids were noisy we could sneak out without disturbing the service. At the end of the service one Sunday as the Pastor was praying, people started snickering. I opened my eyes to peek and found that the lights were flickering. Pastor made light of it and said, “Lord? Is that a sign?” It was a funny coincidence that the power would act up at just that moment. I tried to close my eyes and ignore it while the prayer continued but I felt eyes on me. I peeked again to find half the congregation turned around and staring at us. I was so confused! … until that is, I turned around too, and found our 18 mo. old, silent as could be, standing on the pew and playing with the light switches! I grabbed her and slipped out as fast as I could! NOT so inconspicuously!
-Amanda V.

Baby was sick last night, so this morning I called the pediatrician for an appointment. I was in a hurry, but I made it on time, only to find that my girlie had a huge blowout all over her clothes. I got her inside and cleaned up, and at the end when it was time to go, I realized that I’d forgotten to bring an extra outfit for her. So I had to walk out with my baby wearing only a diaper and a bib. Good thing it was in the 80s!
-Katherine L.

The epically embarrassing moment I always think of is the time I was holding my alligator death rolling toddler while talking with some old friends who were traveling on a ministry team. Suddenly the guy would no longer look at me. It took me several moments to realize my toddler had undone the front of my blouse. I excused myself. Oh my word. I turn red just thinking about it.
-Christiana D.

My daughter used to get car sick a lot. I usually had an extra outfit for her. Well, this time I didn’t but we did have a blanket. I didn’t want to be “one of those moms” that bring their baby only clothed in a diaper it Walmart. So we used the blanket and tied it on her like a toga. Should have just done the diaper. I told my husband now I know why moms come in with only a diapered baby. God gives me situations to help me become empathetic and to humble me, that’s for sure.
-Amanda P.

This isn’t much of a story but one time I found a pacifier in my cleavage…at the end of the day.
-Christen S.

Forgot to bring the diaper bag to daycare/sitters. Forgot to bring each essential item in the diaper bag on different days at least once each. Forgot where I was dropping off the baby before work. Almost forgot baby’s birth date when asked at the well baby checkup. Forgot what it was like not being a mom. Must’ve been boring!
-Heather M.

At our son’s first doctor’s appointment they asked us to strip him down and put a clean diaper on him so they could weigh him. My husband and I just looked at each other, clueless of how to proceed because we realized we didn’t bring a diaper bag with us! We couldn’t change his diaper.
-Faith J.

When my son had just turned 3 he had a fever virus and I was taking his temp with our forehead thermometer like every 10 minutes because I’m crazy. So eventually I ended up taking him in to the doctor. The doctor walked in the room and said how are you feeling today Drew? My son reached into the diaper bag, grabbed the thermometer, which I obviously brought with me, swiped it across his forehead and said, “well I still have a fever *sigh*”. The doctor just looked at me with this look and smirk. Like ok crazy mom. Maybe chill on the temperature taking. I was so embarrassed.
-Emily P.

Well… this happened with my third baby, but it was my first baby above the Mason-Dixon Line. I canceled a pediatrician appointment because the high was 6 degrees. I look back on that and chuckle a bit. Though… not entirely convinced I was wrong.
-Jessica D.

I am so embarrassed by how much stuff I felt like I needed. Our huge diaper bag was stuffed with our first child. The worst part was that it looked stuffed! Like deformed and bulging. And if I needed anything I had to halfway unload it to find anything. SO embarrassing. I’m cracking up right now remembering. I guess I was paranoid?!
-Ashley M.

I gave my new baby a bath while my mom was still staying with us. I got him all wrapped up in his hooded towel and was so proud to show my mom my little “bundle” (that was what we called ourselves as kids when we were wrapped in our towels after a bath) My Mom was thrilled and took a picture, and then our little bundle peed all over the floor because he didn’t have a diaper on.
-Katie S.

We took my oldest to Ruby Tuesday with friends after church in a Sunday. We’d only taken him out to eat while he was sleeping. We were so nervous. We were surprised that we enjoyed ourselves. We finished dinner, carefully gathering up aaaaall the stuff we brought. We walked to the parking lot, chatting the whole way. The waitress came running out because we forgot to pay! To be fair, it was strange that she took everyone in the group’s check but not ours and she never said anything. We were falling all over ourselves apologizing. 
-Heather E.

When I was pregnant with my first I thought I was going into labor and fairly widely announced that my water had broken and had family travel in to take me to the hospital cuz hubby was out of town. Nope. I had just peed my pants. Also, I took a full-sized suitcase of mainly snacks to the hospital. Full-sized! My husband could have fit in there!
-Andrea H.

For one year pics with my first, I had 6 outfits.
-Ashli S.

I had my 1st’s schedule typed out, printed and framed. I hung it at the entrance to his room. Then, I was so discouraged that I could never keep him on his schedule… Also, there is a picture of us leaving our apartment with baby strapped into the car seat securely snapped into the stroller. I am holding a clipboard with all of his feedings written out complete with side and duration. I love that picture because we were such newbies. What really makes me laugh is that we used the stroller to walk him to the car (20 yards) and then got it back out at the Dr and used it to take him to his appointment.
-Rebecca B.

I started running while my husband was deployed so I could wow him when he returned. He left when I was 3 weeks postpartum and he was going to return 7.5 months later. I wanted his jaw to drop. I only jogged around the flat part of me neighborhood in the beginning. There was a hill down the road from my house and, pushing the double stroller, I jogged all the way up and was so proud of myself. I was looking forward to the return trip back down since I figured it would be easier. About halfway down I began to feel a wet sensation running down my legs. The stroller was so heavy that I couldn’t stop it without exerting a bunch more energy which I knew would make the problem worse. So I jogged the rest of the way down, peeing myself but unable to stop or do anything about it. Of course it was another quarter mile to my house once I reached the bottom. So I waddled my way back home and put away my running shoes. I haven’t tried running since!
-Kristie W.

One Sunday, we decided we would go out to Denny’s for lunch after church. The meal was going pretty well until we got a whiff of something coming from my son. My husband got up to take our son to the bathroom and when he looked at Oliver, his eyes almost popped out of his head. Oliver ,who was 2 1/2 at the time, had liquid lava puddled behind him in the highchair. It had gone up his back too. My husband carefully removed him and took about 20 minutes cleaning him up in the bathroom. I tried soo hard to clean up the mess discreetly so that no one else would have their meal ruined. I was so completely embarrassed and had totally lost my appetite. The smell was horrific! Thankfully only the waiter and one table realized what had happened!
-Stephanie J.

I made all the grandparents who just came from church during flu season hold their breath, close their eyes, and let us spray them down with lysol and then air out before they held her. Talk about mommy anxiety!
-Elizabeth S.

I was telling my anxious-about-having-kids friend how it gets easier in time to be a mom right when I walked through a door way with my 9 month old on my hip and not compensating enough for the width of her and me I knocked her poor little head into the door post on accident sending her screaming!
-Elizabeth S.

Do you have any stories you’d like to share about your experience being a first-time mom? If you do, keep this thread going by putting yours in the comments!


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14 thoughts on “Embarrassing First-Time Mom Stories

  1. Haha it isn’t just new moms with embarrassing moments. My daughter is 3 and potty trained but every once in a while she has accidents. We are selling our house and while the stager was there to decorate my daughter climbed on the kitchen counter and peed. I was mortified. The decorator didn’t have kids and couldn’t relate.

    1. That’s true that all moms have embarrassing moments, no matter what stage of parenting they’re in. And oh my, that’s hilarious, but I’m so sorry for you! It’s even more embarrassing when the people you’re with can’t relate…

  2. I am in love with the details. We all have stories to share but yes. Recognition of feelings has power, I love it even we are embarrassed we express our thoughts about motherhood. But I know you have the heart if courage. Lovely post.

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