I Wish I Had Tried the NoseFrida Sooner

I wish I had tried the NoseFrida sooner.

When I first heard of a NoseFrida, I thought it was a really gross idea. “You suck out your kids’ snot? Really?!”

When my son was three weeks old, he was starting to get congested, so I wanted to find something that would help get the snot out. However, I wasn’t desperate enough to try this gross, snot-sucking method yet.

I was grossed out by the NoseFrida at first, but now I love it! Are you using one for your babies?

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I had a bulb syringe, but it wasn’t working very well and I thought it was just too big for my son’s nose. We got a smaller one in newborn size, but it didn’t help like I was hoping it would.

In a mommy’s group on Facebook, someone suggested squirting some breast milk in the nose and that will help break down the snot. I tried that, but it didn’t seem to be helping either.

We tried sitting in our bathroom while the hot shower was running to make it a steam room. That helped clear him up, but it didn’t ever last long. An hour after getting out, he would be stuffy again.

We also put a humidifier near his bassinet and had essential oils diffusing in the room. I used a blend of rosemary, eucalyptus, and peppermint, or the respiratory blend separately. These things were helping, but I still needed a way to get the snot OUT.

Then I decided to try using saline drops. It actually helped thin out the thick, gooey snot. I was so happy that I found something that was working! Right after using the saline drops I tried the small bulb syringe again a few times, and that’s when I concluded that the bulb syringes are worthless. Seriously. The suction is so weak and short that it’s not very effective.

I was pleased about the saline drops, but I still needed to find a way to rid his nose of snot.

By this time, I was desperate. I was still grossed out by the NoseFrida, but I had heard so many positive comments about it, both from the Facebook mommy’s group and from some of my friends.

I decided to try it out, so I went to the store and hurried home to do just that. And guess what?


It got out so much more than I thought it would. I honestly was disappointed in myself that I hadn’t gotten the courage to try it sooner!

And it wasn’t even really that gross. The tube is pretty long and there is a sponge filter at the beginning of it, so there’s no chance that snot will ever get all the way up to your mouth.

I was also happy that it’s extremely easy to clean. The snot-catching section disconnects from the rest, so you can easily just rinse away the goop.

Image shows the parts of the NoseFrida, including the sponge filter.

My son doesn’t necessarily like it, but I don’t think I would like it either if someone was sucking anything out of my nose. But it gets the job done.

He’s 15 months old now and he understands what it does, so he is okay with us using it for the most part. The noise does still scare him sometimes, though.

If you’re like I was and didn’t want to try it, here’s my advice. Just do it. It’s definitely worth it!

Feel free to share this post with anyone who needs encouragement to try it.

12 thoughts on “I Wish I Had Tried the NoseFrida Sooner

  1. I’ve always wanted to try this but I was too scared! She moved so much with the bulb syringe I was nervous about the frida! You make it sound so easy though I should’ve done it!

    1. My baby also moves a lot when I use this. I found that it helps if you lay them on a bed while you use it. They’re less likely to wiggle away!

  2. Desperate times call for desperate measures, my Love! LOL – it isn’t that gross. I can totally relate to your post though. Glad that this is THE ONE solution that works! 👍🏼 I am certain your baby is relieved. 💗 Xo Evelyn, PathofPresence 🦋

    1. You’re right, it isn’t that gross. I just didn’t like the idea of it, but it’s actually a really great invention! Thank you, my baby does seem to be relived every time I use it.

    1. The only time I’ve seen a bulb syringe work was when we were getting the mucus out of my son’s mouth right after he was born. And I’m so glad we have the NoseFridas now, but I wonder what people did before it was invented. Just deal with it, I guess.

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